Link people,
Link the world

Exploring the platform service that the world does not yet
have and making service that make people's life more convenient.
We push forward such a business.

Company Profile

Company Name
ITL Holdings Co., Ltd.
May 15, 2017
Paid-in Capital
100 million yen
Bunkichi Sasai
Head Office
11-19-407, Nihonbashitomizawacyo, Cyuo-ku,
 Tokyo, 103-0006 JAPAN

Control and business management of subsidiary companies, and related duties
M&A broker/advisory

Group Companies

Manufacture and sale of women's shoes and bags

Chargeback protection service

management consulting

Data Marketing Support

Database social marketing

System engineering service

Game development

Software development

Software development

Software development

Access Map

11-19-407, Nihonbashitomizawacyou, Cyuo-ku,Tokyo, 103-0006 JAPAN