Link people,
Link the world

Exploring the platform service that the world does not yet
have and making service that make people's life more convenient.
We push forward such a business.

Company Profile

Company Name
ITL Holdings Co., Ltd.
May 15, 2017
Paid-in Capital
100 million yen
Bunkichi Sasai
Head Office
11-19-407, Nihonbashitomizawacyo, Cyuo-ku,
 Tokyo, 103-0006 JAPAN

Control and business management of subsidiary companies, and related duties
M&A broker/advisory

Group Companies

Manufacture and sale of women's shoes and bags

Game development

Software development

Database social marketing

Chargeback protection service

Data Marketing Support

Software development

Access Map

11-19-407, Nihonbashitomizawacyou, Cyuo-ku,Tokyo, 103-0006 JAPAN